About the Author

I am a person who tends to jump into things with both feet. Growing up, it was sports, camping, playing Ping-Pong, building forts. I loved bodysurfing, waterskiing, or stopping the car on a lonely mountain road to talk to the old-timers rocking on their front porch.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-30’s that I discovered that I was creative…go figure! While going through another grief, I began to journal by hand, then poetry began to come out of my head, almost unbidden. After 35 or so poems, my 1st song wrote itself while I was recording a new fingerpicking I had stumbled on. By the time I finished that grief, I had written 43 songs that helped me learn to be my honest, real self.

Twenty years later, I began using a voice recorder to free associate the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that began to flow out of my head. Also, about 12 years ago, I heard a question from inside my head asking, “What would happen if I took pictures of trees at night? Thus, a new hobby was born, allowing me to be creative in a new way, which is both fun and relaxing. Taking my own pictures and altering them is a blast…at least it is for me!

jimi v.